How to pick the right motor oil for your car

How to pick the right motor oil for your car can be a daunting experience. Most of us don’t know what motor oil is needed to top up the cars engine if the oil becomes low.

10 tips to care for your car interior

When it comes to cars, first impressions can be deceiving. How many times have you seen a beautiful car exterior, and then seen a completely different beast when you’ve peered through the window? Some readers might be thinking of their own vehicles right now.

Kahn Range Rover RS-650 specifications and photographs

Range Rover RS-650 Edition

In our latest car news we feature the Kahn Range Rover RS-650 specifications and photographs. The Range Rover RS-650 was officially launched at the Geneva Show on the 3rd of March 2015.

Tesla Model S video review

Tesla Model S video review

In our latest car news we feature the Tesla Model S video review by XCAR. Made mainly of aluminium with steel only used to add some strength, this rear wheel driven electric car is one to watch out for.

What effect will driverless cars have on car insurance?

Toyota Prius modified to operate as a Google driverless car driving a test course. Source:Wikipedia

In our latest car news, we look at driverless cars and the effect they could have on your car insurance. Every car used on a UK road is legally required to have some form of car insurance, but what happens when your involved in a crash with a driverless car? Who’s to blame?

J-Pillow review

The J-Pillow in grey

The J-Pillow review is our latest travel product review. Finding the right travel pillow for your car, train or plane journey can be a long process. However, could the J-Pillow be the right travel pillow for you? In our latest post we test the J-Pillow. Read on for the J-Pillow review.

Cars used by James Bond

Cars used by James Bond. Aston Martin DB5

The 007 spy thrillers are known for their fast action car scenes using Aston Martin’s range of supercars, but what cars are used by James Bond? In our latest car news we show you the cars used by James Bond.

Temporary car insurance explained

In our latest post ‘Temporary car insurance explained’, we give you the low down on temporary motor insurance. Every motor vehicle used on a UK road is required by law to have a motor insurance policy in place. So what is temporary car insurance? And how can it help you?

Land Rover trials video

Land Rover

Land Rover may be best know these days for the luxury 4×4 market, but Land Rover’s roots are firmly in the off-road category. In our latest video you can see the Land Rovers competing in off-road time trials.

The video really shows what the Land Rover is capable of.

Watch the video below.


Flying a Light Aircraft? Rule changes for flying with a passenger in the UK

Flying a light aircraft? Then you could be affected by new rule changes introduced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA have announced that the rules around when certain pilots can carry a passenger have been amended.

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