A strange week for Lexus UK news

A strange week for Lexus UK news


As we’ve just posted up news that Lexus are re-calling over 3000 vehicles up pops another story about the on-the-run gunman Raoul Moat, who is alleged to have been aided by a friend in his Lexus IS 200.

I wonder how Lexus UK feel about these pictures being displayed all over the UK’s media, especially considering how most of these articles keep mentioning the company brand and showing pictures of the vehicle.  Whilst one could argue that any publicity is good publicity, it certainly seems that Lexus have been featured in some bizarre news stories of late.

At least in the short-term as this article continues to dominate the UK headlines this could turn people’s attention away from news about the recall and whilst it seems weird to add the comment, it is a nice looking IS!


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